Blaze Health connects the dots.

Traditionally, the customer is caught between their provider and their insurance. Blaze Health opens the lines of communication between the customer, healthcare provider and insurance company, helping to ensure healthier, more stress-free decisions and outcomes.

Unmatched customer service, exceptional clinical care and quality, at the lowest possible total cost of care.

Healthcare Status QuoBlaze Health Vision
Complicated processes like prior authorizationsSimpler processes like reducing prior authorizations
Billing that needs deciphering Easier to understand billing
Customer stuck in the middle of insurer and providerDirect link between insurer and provider
Stressful experience Seamless experience

Blaze Health is transforming healthcare for the better.
We are showing that when a provider and insurer collaborate, it is better for both customers and providers.

Providers, rejoice!

Blaze Health will break down the communication barrier with insurers to help you deliver the outcomes that most benefit your customers.

Blaze Health provider

We are committed to making a difference at Blaze Health. The people here deeply care about our customers, communities, teammates, and improving healthcare.

Ben, Hospice Manager

Be part of the change.

You got into healthcare for a reason. So did we. Let’s work together.